Floating School
Floating School built for children on the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. is dedicated to the education of children. There are approximately 121 million primary children worldwide that are not in school. One can only imagine how difficult life must feel without the ability to read or write or be taught to use your mind. We witness the lethargy and boredom of so many children that either have nothing to do or are forced to work at young ages. We have also witnessed these same children thrive and grow when given the opportunity to attend school. K.I.D.S. supports children in their education in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Tonle Sap Lake, Stung Treng and other small villages in Cambodia. In Stung Treng K.I.D.S. built a school for 60 children who live in a small village and could not afford to attend a Government School, as their families were too poor. In partnership with the Stung Treng Women’s Weaving Cooperative, a local NGO that supports vulnerable women to learn a trade and support their families, K.I.D.S. built the school, set up a free lunch program and hired teachers to teach the children. The school has become the hub of the community and the children are learning to read and write and spread knowledge to their parents and siblings.

Solar Lights
Solar lights for children in the countryside, so they can study at night.

On the Thailand and Myanmar border many children fleeing Myanmar with their families are not able to attend school. K.I.D.S. works with a number of free schools that provide education for thousands of refugee and migrant children. K.I.D.S. supports some of these programs by purchasing necessary school supplies, uniforms and helps with transportation. We have also been very involved with AGAPE primary school in securing land for their school/orphanage as well as supporting the school with materials and a vehicle to transport children living on the riverbank between Thailand and Myanmar.

Free School - Srey Poh Village
Free school in Srey Poh Villiage, Stung Treng province, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. sponsors children with bicycles, books and support to attend school in various villages throughout Cambodia. One child who is able to get an education may in the future be able to find work and help support their family ending the cycle of poverty.




Planting seeds
Planting gardens for schools in Cambodia
Planting seeds
Providing hot lunch program for schools