Family Support

Weaving Silk Products
Supporting Stung Treng Women's Development Society
Women earn a good living wage weaving beautiful silk products

Throughout the past thirteen years K.I.D.S. has provided women and families with various forms of support that assists them to become more self-sufficient.  Over the years we have supported families with rice, livestock, clothing, small business grants, tools and training. We have also supported women to be able to learn a trade in weaving by providing childcare for their children, allowing the mothers to earn a good wage and support their families.

The families we support are identified by respected small grass root local NGO’s. With funds we have available we provide many women and families with the opportunity to better their lives. Many families have been able to keep their children at home thanks to the support that K.I.D.S. has provided.

Small business support
Supporting family with small business, for
their sewing business, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Small business support
Supporting women to earn a living by providing daycare and kindergarten for weaver’s children, Stung Treng, Cambodia
Family Support Family Support Family Support