Myanmar (Burma)
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Medical Support, Myanmar

This year in partnership with C.W. Asia Fund, Vancouver, we were able to provide support for the Medical Action Myanmar Clinic in Yangon, Myanmar. This amazing program offers medical care, prevention and treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS as well as those struggling with TB, Malaria and malnutrition.

Medical Support - Myanmar


Adrianne and Rick decided to form Kids International Development Society, they incorporated and brought on a Board of Directors. This year they heard that there was a doctor in the northern part of Myanmar (Burma) who ran his own clinic and provided medical care and surgery for the poorest of the poor for little or no pay. Adrianne and Rick traveled to the northern part of Myanmar and again with funds donated by family and friends they were able to purchase a new operating table and light, which was very badly needed as the old ones were rusted, and not working. The recovery rooms were in terrible shape and so they painted five double rooms and equipped them with mattresses, blankets, pillows and mosquito nets.

Recovery Room Bed BeforeBurma Operating Room

Recovery Room BedsRecovery Room Bed After