Map of Cambodia


Rural School Projects, Cambodia

This year we were excited to bring clean drinking water to hundreds of children and their families. Most of rural Cambodia struggles to have clean water, especially during the dry season. Thanks to Compassionate Eye Foundation, Vancouver, for donating funds for one water project and thanks to K.I.D.S. donors for donating towards the second tower. K.I.D.S. was able to build these two solar powered water filtration systems for two poor rural schools. The water systems clean the water through cartridge and sand filters and then an ultra violet light systems run by the solar panels. As well as providing clean water the solar panels also bring light to the schools in the evening so the schools can run literacy classes for adults and extra classes for the children. K.I.D.S. funded the rice bank below, which helps to feed the school children and allows families to donate and take rice throughout the year. This communal concept helps those who struggle with food security during difficult times. K.I.D.S. funded the building supplies and the villagers pitched in to build the rice bank.

Clean Water Solar Power - Clean Water

The K.I.D.S. Home for Girls, Siem Reap, Cambodia continues to provide a loving home environment for 13 girls who have sadly been orphaned, abandoned or rescued from living on the streets. K.I.D.S. totally funds this program. It is wonderful to see the girls grow and flourish in this nurturing environment. The girls work very hard at their studies at school, english lessons and traditional dance. Together they have formed their own family, which includes four dogs. They asked us to extend their gratitude for the opportunity you have given them.

Girls Home Traditional Dance

Supporting Education, Cambodia

Buildiing ClassroomsK.I.D.S. supports many children living at home to go to school. Through a variety of programs we assist children, youth and young adults to improve their lives and futures by: sending kids to school, buying bicycles, building classrooms, providing school supplies, solar lights, hot nutritious lunch programs as well as supporting school gardens. Education changes lives and futures.


Srey Pho Free School, Stung Teng

Srey Pho Free SchoolK.I.D.S. continues to fully fund and run the Srey Pho Free School where sixty children are able to go to school and get an education in a very poor part of Cambodia.





Stung Treng Women's Development Centre Kindergarten

We continue to support the Stung Treng Women's Weaving Cooperative by providing the salareis for the teaching staff at the on-site kindergarten. K.I.D.S. enables mothers to work while their children are nearby receiving a very good early childhood education.

Dev Centre Kindergarten Weaving Cooperative

The Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Tonle Sap LakeThanks to our partners the Compassionate Eye Foundation K.I.D.S. was able to provide the school that K.I.D.S. built three years ago with solar panels. The solar panels will provide electricity for the school so they can run fans to keep the classrooms cool and assist the teachers in lesson plans. The solar power will also be used to start a chicken farm at the school by attracting bugs to the light for food. On the lake the main source of food is fish. Expanding the diet of children will enhance their growth and improve their ability to learn. As well as having solar electricity the school also now has an extended roof that will allow the children to stand outside during the rainy season and protect the hulls of the school from filling with water.

K.I.D.S. also helped to refloat a small school in another part of the Tonle Sap Lake. The school was sinking and now, during the dry season, they can use the new bamboo to replace the old bamboo.

Tonle Sap Lake School Refloat small school

Medical Support, Cambodia

In partnership with the C.W. Asia Fund K.I.D.S. was able to provide support for Doctor’s salaries, supplies and equipment for the Angkor Hospital for Children. This amazing hospital provides health care for thousands of children and is dedicated to training Cambodian Doctors and Nurses. K.I.D.S. also funded the building of a new laboratory for the children’s hospital.

Medical Clinic Cambodia Health Care

The Lake Clinic, Tonle Sap Lake and Stung Sen River, Cambodia

For many years K.I.D.S. has worked with The Lake Clinic (T.L.C.), Cambodia. The Lake Clinic serves the underserved in isolated areas of the Tonle Sap Lake and the Stung Sen River where over a million people live a subsistence life by fishing. Until the T.L.C. was founded by Jon Morgan most people on the lake lived without any form of health care. Now thanks to this incredible program hundreds of villagers are able to receive treatment, education, pre and postnatal care and free medication. A team of dedicated health care professionals travels each week to a number of villages easing pain and suffering. K.I.D.S. continues to support this program by building clinics, maintaining the clinics as well as providing needed supplies and equipment.

The Lake Clinic The Lake Clinic

Other Support

Solar Lights
Other support
Other support

As well as larger projects K.I.D.S. also believes in supporting families, children and youth by providing needed equipment, supplies and other materials that will assist them to improve their lives.





Somnang House Girls Home, Cambodia

Somnang House was created in 2008 to provide a safe, stable and loving home for girls who either were orphaned or abandoned. The girls live with a dedicated house mother, cook and four dogs. They attend both Khmer and English school, practice their cultural dancing and learn essential life skills. Thanks to funding from K.I.D.S. Somnang House is able to provide 13 girls with a safe place to continue to thrive and grow.

Somnang House 2011

Tonle Sap Lake School, Cambodia

In 2011, K.I.D.S. was able to build a new school for approximately 300 children who live in a remote floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake.

Tonle Lake Floating SchoolTonle Lake Floating School

New Hope, Siem Reap, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. continues to support New Hope Cambodia, a grass roots, hands-on, non-government organization that brings education and healthcare to children and families living in the Mondul 3 slum area of Siem Reap. In 2011, K.I.D.S. was able to build a classroom for their new school as well as provide a new computer for their computer lab.



The Lake Clinic, Cambodia

The Lake Clinic brings health and dental care to villagers living in remote floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake and the Stueng Sen River. K.I.D.S. continues to support this essential service by funding various needed supplies and programs. In 2011, K.I.D.S. provided the funding for the Cambodian doctor and nurse/midwife who travel weekly with The Lake Clinic ship to serve the underserved in this area.



2008 to 2010
Girls Home, Cambodia.

In 2008 K.I.D.S. started a home for seven girls ages 3 to 15 that were either orphans or children living on the street and uncared for. The children now live in a warm family atmosphere, complete with two dogs. The girls receive a good education, medical care, cultural dance lessons, English lessons and are taught essential life skills.

Girls HomeGirls Home 2

Srey Poh Free School, Cambodia

Free School 2K.I.D.S. was able to complete the construction of the free school in Srey Poh Village, a small community in a rural area of Stung Treng province in North East Cambodia. In addition to the school a well was drilled to supply clean water for drinking and to supply a bathroom and bathing facilities that were built along with the school. The school provides education for 50 children ages 3 to 10 years old; previously none of these children had access to an education due to living in extreme poverty. K.I.D.S, was able to hire three very enthusiastic permanent teachers, who are committed to teaching not only, academics but also music, hygiene and respect. A daily snack and hot lunch are provided for each child.

Free SchoolFree School

New Hope, Mondul 3 Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. assists New Hope, a local Cambodian NGO that works tirelessly to assist children and families living in a very poor slum area of Siem Reap. New Hope Center has an onsite school, clinic, several types of vocational training and a large family sponsorship program Over the years K.I.D.S. has assisted New Hope with housing repairs, medicine for their out patient clinic, school supplies, mosquito nets, bicycles, food and other family support.

Youth Education Sponsorship Program, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Youth Education Sponsorship Program

We firmly believe that education is the key to reducing poverty. For the past few years K.I.D.S. has sponsored 10 children and young adults for various levels of education, from primary school to University. All these children love to learn and are very grateful to have the opportunity to go to school.

The Lake Clinic (T.L.C.), Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

This is a new Cambodian NGO that will serve the residents of the Tonle Sap Lake in central Cambodia.  TLC provides basic health care to a very isolated and severely underserved region of the country. The person who founded TLC, Jon Morgan, is an extremely dedicated man who has spent years living in Cambodia and fighting for the health of the Cambodian people. Previously he was the director of the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap. We have assisted TLC with navigational equipment and an engine for the vessel. K.I.D.S. has also funded training for medical volunteers and we have provided over 700 children with educational and hygiene supplies in this extremely poor area. As well K.I.D.S. repaired schools and bought small boats for the local children and teachers so they could get to and from the floating schools.
Educational SuppliesRepaired Boat

Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. has been working in partnership with the Women’s Weaving Centre for 4 years. We continue to support the small on site school/daycare so the weavers can bring their children to work. As part of our ongoing infrastructure assistance for SWDC we have supplied them with a water tower and tank for the Seri Culture program (the rearing of silkworms), office equipment, a new roof over the kitchen, showroom and eating area. This humanitarian based Cambodian NGO focuses on developing life skills that assist in breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy for vulnerable women and their children.

Stung TrengWomen's Dev Centre - Water

Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia

For many years we have been assisting this great Children’s Hospital in the center of Siem Reap. Over the years we have brought medical supplies from Canada and helped them with building laundry facilities, educational gardens and other structures that were needed. We also have purchased needed equipment for the maintenance department to help keep things running smoothly at the hospital as well as a new monitor for the X-ray machine.

Angkor HospitalAngkor Laundry


Siem Reap, Cambodia

bicyclesAdrianne and Rick (K.I.D.S.) decided to work exclusively in Cambodia, which gave them the opportunity to work in different parts of the country. Their focus continued to be on assisting children and families by providing them with the basic needs such as housing, clean water, medicine and education. This year K.I.D.S. provided housing for 130 people by building houses for fifteen families as well as supplying each household with basic cooking equipment mosquito nets and needed supplies.

Siem ReapThey put in 5 community wells, solar lighting and solar pumps, drinking water filtration systems and assisted numerous families with funds and materials for small business enterprises. With the generous donations of others they continued to support children in street children’s shelters, kindergartens and orphanages by providing a school expansion, a teacher, educational materials, medicine, vocational training, educational opportunities, cultural support, clothing, food and bicycles.

WeavingStung Treng Women’s Development Centre, Cambodia

Adrianne and Rick made contact with the Stung Treng’s Womens Weaving Centre (S.W.D.C.) a local Cambodia NGO. As they spent time with the staff and weavers there they were very impressed with how well S.W.D.C. treated the people who worked for them and how they were totally green in their approach to the environment. It was very gratifying to visit many families and individuals that K.I.D.S. has supported in the past. The families continue to thrive and prosper.



Siem Reap, Cambodia

K.I.D.S. continued to provide the Children’s Hospital, Orphanage and Children’s Shelter in Cambodia with much needed equipment and supplies, such as: a kitchen venting system, drinking water filtration systems, a motorcycle, bicycles, school and art therapy materials, musical instruments, medical supplies, clothing, rice, desks, mosquito nets and cooking equipment. Each year they were able to do more and this year they were pleased to be able to provide three houses for the families of children that have been involved with the Street Children’s Shelter. Building houses for these families alleviates a great deal of hardship and stress and although the houses built were very simple structures (by Canadian standards) they made a huge difference in the lives of these people. Some of the children were able to leave the shelter and return home to their families. In building these houses they were also able to provide short-term employment for some of the men that live in the community, which in turn helps them provide for their own families.



Anchor Children's Hospital

The first laundry shelter at the Children’s Hospital was so helpful they were asked us to build another. They continued to support the Street Children’s Shelter by supplying them once again with school supplies, medicine, clothing and a motorcycle for transportation.


LaundrySiem Reap, Cambodia

In January they were again drawn to Cambodia. This time to Siem Reap, where with the kind donations of friends and family they located a shelter for street children. With funds they raised that year they were able to renovate the shelter, buy medicine, clothing, school supplies, water filters and kitchen supplies. They also went to Anchor Children’s Hospital and built a 17 by 32 foot laundry shed that allowed the laundry to be hung outside during the rainy season to dry. This was a great help for the hospital as at the time they were treating approximately 1,000 children a week and many of the parents had to stay with their children further increasing the demand for dry clothing and bedding.


School 1Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Adrianne and Rick renovated and painted a two-room school for homeless children.  The school was situated in a squatters' village; most of the children were orphans or children whose families were very poor and could not afford to attend government schools. Helped by the children, Adrianne and Rick painted the outside fence and redecorated the inside of the school with bright colours and murals. They also donated educational materials to the school.