Thai / Myanmar (Burma) Border
Map of the Thai/Myanmar Border


Agape School and Boarding House, Mae Sot, Thailand

Two years ago, K.I.D.S. was able to purchae a large piece of land for the Agape School and Orphanage in Mae Sot on the Thailand / Myanmar border. Thanks to the donation of the land by K.I.D.S., the Agape program now offers free education to over 250 refugee children and a safe home for 100 children. In 2011, K.I.D.S. continues to support Agape with their lunch program as well as buying school supplies, medicine, rice and clothing.

School and Shelter Support

After TablesK.I.D.S. continues to meet and visit a variety of orphanages, shelters and schools. In 2011, we supplied several of these programs with school supplies, uniforms, bicycles, tables, desks, fencing and building supplies. In the picture (right), K.I.D.S. provided tables for 600 refugee children who live at a Boarding House/Orphanage/School on the Thailand / Myanmar border, previously the children had to eat on the ground.

Before Tables

Mae Tao Clinic, Thailand/Myanmar (Burma) Border

Donated MedicineThis small but amazing clinic serves thousands of refugees fleeing Burma as well as migrant workers living in poverty in Thailand. The clinic offers free medical care and training for backpack doctors who travel into Burma at great risk to assist those living in the jungle areas inside of Burma. K.I.D.S. was able to provide over $5,000.00 worth of medicine to Mae Tao Clinic, which was kindly donated by a Canadian doctor. K.I.D.S. also provided materials and support for other programs affiliated with the clinic, such as: children’s boarding houses, free schools, and sewing programs.



Agape School and Orphanage, Mae Sot, Thailand/Myanmar Border

Agape School BeforeAfter visiting this very poor school/orphanage on the Burma border we were very moved by the dedication of David and his wife, the founders of the Agape Program. David, his wife and staff work for very little pay and volunteer many hours to help refugee children. K.I.D.S. supported them by purchasing educational material, clothing, rice and school uniforms. This program assists children fleeing the military regime in Burma and living in intolerable conditions on a riverbank. K.I.D.S. was able to buy a piece of property and assist with building a new school/orphanage.

Agape School and Orphanage

Sangkhla Buri, Thailand

Adrianne and Rick took the donations of others and traveled to a place called Sangkhla Buri where they assisted an orphanage and free school for about 150 children. They hired local men to build an out door kitchen, a kindergarten and had a new steel rack to put on the truck to keep the children safe during transport to and from home. They were able to provide some house repairs and built a couple of smaller homes to assist families who faced dire situations. They were also able to supply medical supplies, blankets, shoes, school supplies and rice that aided many families and children in this area. 

Sangkhla Buri Free SchoolTruck Rack