How can I support K.I.D.S. help children and families?

  • Make a personal donation
  • Give monthly support through automatic withdrawal
  • Host a fundraising event
  • Make a bequest in your Will

A personal gift can be made on line through Canada Helps or you can mail a personal cheque or money order to the K.I.D.S. address in Contact Us. Monthly donations may also be mailed to our mailing address.

Please contact us if you need further information at our e-mail: adrianneand rick@hotmail.com

Can I designate my donations to a specific project or country?

Although it is possible to designate your donation to a specific area such as: education, health or housing it is preferable to donate to our general funds as it assists us to best address specific areas of need. We believe that it is important to stay flexible and open to the needs of children, families and communities and develop projects on the assessments of needs. Such donations require less administrative time and can be used to address developing and emerging needs. We oversee all funding and ensure that each dollar donated is spent responsibly and effectively.

Is my donation tax-deductable?

Yes. All donations are eligible for tax receipts. Tax receipts for all donations over $15.00 will be issued.

Do you have a Charitable Registration Number?

Yes. Our number is: 86067 3235 RR0001

Can I sponsor a specific child?

No. K.I.D.S. believes that the best way that your financial support can be used is to work through us in supporting children, families and communities. It is often difficult to fund only one child while they are in an orphanage, family or boarding house as they are viewed as favoured.


Can I organize and event for K.I.D.S.?

If you would like to host a fundraising  event that would be appreciated. Please contact us and we will give you information regarding what you might need as far as project information, brochures or pictures.

Can I volunteer with K.I.D.S. outside of Canada?

At this time K.I.D.S. does not provide volunteer opportunities out of the country. We work directly with local organizations and communities and we oversee and manage the projects. We often hire local people to do building or well digging, etc. as this assists the people in the community to benefit from paid work, which they desperately need and it helps support their families and their communities.

If you want to volunteer overseas, please visit the Canadian Council for International Cooperation for a list of organizations and resources.