What We Do


Our mission is to create better futures for children living in developing countries.


Our vision is one of creating a ripple effect of growing good in the world by supporting positive change for children and families in developing countries in South East Asia.


We value creating joy for children, providing hands-on direct aid, spreading goodwill as Canadians and making a positive difference in the world.  We value caring, inclusion, flexibility, partnerships, creating community connectedness, generosity responsiveness, immediacy, compassion and accountability.

Goals & Objectives

We believe that the best way to assist children and families is to work in direct partnership with villagers and small grassroots organizations. We support the needs of individuals and communities by assessing the needs and providing support to ease the pain of poverty and to create sustainable futures for children and families. We directly oversee each project and the purchasing of all supplies and materials.

We also support organizations who are providing essential services to children and families; such as small clinics and hospitals, local orphanages, street children’s shelters and women’s’ development programs.

What We Provide